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Welcome To The NPA Hangout Archive. This is Hangout No2 which took place on 16th April 2013

Join the NPA Hangout Number 002 and discover what distinguishes NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) from most modern spiritual and personal growth approaches. Hangout and bathe yourself in a powerful new perspective that offers a deep connection to the fluid, energetic reality that is available today.

For the fullest experience simply kick back and watch the whole hangout – you’ll get the flow of conversation, the full energy of the transmission and all the nuances of what is shared.

However, If you just want to dip in, or are returning to watch again, here’s an outline what happend when, so you can find the topics you’re looking for right away…

NPA Hangout 002 – Notes & Running Order

This Hangout took place on 16th April 2013, 2pm PT | 3pmm MT | 5pm ET | 10pm UK

  • Begin: Intro’s & outline by Laura Simonson
    Including a bit of Joel’s background info
  • 3:40: Joel gives a quick intro to hangouts and his intentions for it – including:
    – How do you connect with NPA?
  • 4:45 We dive right into the Q&A... and Joel answers Karen’s question…
    “Can you talk about the process of how you got to a place where you could actually ‘listen’ to ‘Source’ which ultimately gave birth to NPA”
    – Joel gives the most comprehenisve public back history yet, of his intuitive gifts and explains the importance of listening to ‘Source’ in the way it’s already communucating with you
  • 11:18 Joel answers David’s question…
    “Why did you use the phrase ‘the Gift that want’s to come through me’ and how can NPA help people that feel they have a gift but feel stuck getting it out?”
  • 14:30 Joel answers Josette’s question…
    “Can you speak more about what the ‘Personal’ means, and how that relates to what most people think about personalising something?”
    – Joel touches on the  ‘multiple perspectives’ model from NPA’s core teachings and how NPA allows you to become fluid when navigating the multiple perspectives of your Being. He touches on wide and narrow appertures of your Being and the masculine and feminine priciples.
  • 18:08 Joel answers Dwayne’s question…
    “How can I explain NPA to a newbie personal growth person – someone who’s just starting out on the path?”
    …and introduces NPA as “The iPhone for the Soul”
  • 21:34 Joel answers David’s question…
    “How much time does it take to do or learn the process, and how much investment of time is required to continue the momentum”
  • 24:20 Joel answers David’s follow up question:
    “So, is this a process where I need a partner, or can I do it by myself after coming to a weekend?”
  • 25:35 Joel answers Karen’s request…
    “Do you have any stories of when people are skeptical because the process IS so simple?”
    …and tells the story of someone had changed their relationship to food with NPA, but hadn’t realised it had worked because of their skepticism
  • 29:50 Joel answers Laura’s question…
    “What are the top three things that you get fed-back to you about NPA”
  • 32:20 Laura shares her experience of Joel’s third answer to her question…
    …and Joel touches on collective prayer and personality bypasses
  • 35:25 Karen shares her vision of a non-personal Heaven on Earth…
    …and Joel touches on the relational models of NPA and togetherness in wholeness
  • 37:18 Joel shares his screen and shows you where on the NPA website you can find out more about NPA, the process and the upcoming events.
  • 39:00 David shares his experience of the NPA Process…
    …and Joel describes his first ever experience of it, and talks about the ‘Ice Melt’ factor
  • 40:35 Round up and wrap up
    with a great tip from Jossette :0)
“Thanks Joel for such enlivening insights today on this Hangout with Laura Simonson”
Josette Williams

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