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Join the very first NPA Hangouts and discover what distinguishes NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) from most modern spiritual and personal growth approaches. Hangout and bathe yourself in a powerful new perspective that offers a deep connection to the fluid, energetic reality that is available today.

Joel Young, Originator of NPAThe creator & custodian of NPA, Joel Young says:

“I’ve been connecting with a lot of people lately in my mission to spread awareness about NPA & it’s message and I noticed an interesting thing;  I noticed that even though people may have visited the website or read something I’d written, and even had a good sense of what NPA is about, it was after a conversation that the penny really dropped and a natural and fully connected enthusiasm for NPA was born. They began to see beyond the inevitable filters they had brought to their initial meeting with NPA and started to realise its deeper implications and potential. What I realised is that engaging people in the conversation about non-personal awareness was probably one of the most powerful ways to support them in gaining access to the full potential of NPA”

“Thank you Joel! What a great opportunity to be introduced further to who you are, as well as your NPA programs. This is a fantastic platform to experience your loving character and observing your passion for this work. As an observer, I feel priveleged to be a part of this discussion with you and enter into your world from the comfort of my own home.”
Josette Williams

About Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are a really cool way to live broadcast, record and experience video conferencing. We, at NPA Central, believe they are the future, as they embrace advanced technology, collaborative approaches and are lots of fun – so it really is a perfect match for NPA! 😉

In order to participate, you need to have a G+ account – that’s Google’s social media platform if you didn’t know. You can get your account and learn more here

And a fab bonus for lucky subscribers!

Subscribing for this hangout will give you option of putting your name ‘in the hat’ from which we will draw people to be invited to be on future panels live and be able to ask Joel anything.




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