Catch Up with The First Ever NPA Google+ Hangout!

Welcome To The NPA Hangout Archive

Join the very first NPA Hangouts and discover what distinguishes NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) from most modern spiritual and personal growth approaches. Hangout and bathe yourself in a powerful new perspective that offers a deep connection to the fluid, energetic reality that is available today.

For the fullest experience simply kick back and watch the whole hangout – you’ll get the flow of conversation, the full energy of the transmission and all the nuances of what is shared.

However, If you just want to dip in, or are returning to watch again, here’s an outline what happend when, so you can find the topics you’re looking for right away…

NPA Hangout 001 – Notes & Running Order
  • Begin: Intro’s
  • 3:20: Joel gives an intro to hangouts and NPA – including:
    – How NPA was born
    – What is NPA
  • 5:20 Joel shares his intentions for this hangout
  • 5:50 Joel gives the big picture overview of The NPA Expansive Weekend
  • 6:40 Laura introduces the Q&A section
  • 7:20 Joel answers Judy’s question…
    “Can you take us in deeper into what a weekend of NPA will be like, what will it involve?”
    – Joel gives a nuts n bolts breakdown of the weekend
    – Saturday description ends 10:49
    – Sunday description ends 14:05
  • 14:15 Joel answers Amanda’s question…
    “Would you recommend bringing someone along as a partnership experience”
  • 15:45 Joel answers Lauras question…
    “What would you say to someone who is a ‘seasoned’ personal growth-er, who has done a lot of work on themselves?”
    (Includes Joel’s story of how NPA shifted his perspective and finally healed his eyes after years of emotional work at 19:20)
  • 20:50 Joel answers Judy’s question…
    “How do the head and feeling aspects show up within the NPA Weekend”
    Joel explains the agendaless-ness of NPA and talks about getting over our fixation on ‘subjetive wins’
  • 25:15 Joel answers Judy’s question…
    “Do you have lots of support (for the emotional stuff)”
    The non-personal awareness response to this may surprise you
  • 27:10 Joel answers Laura’s question:
    “What if something is going on in your life, like you acn’t figure out what you want, or you are going through great sadness – would it be good to come to the NPA Expansive weekend then?”
  • 30:12 Laura talks about future NPA Hangouts and invites one more question…
  • 30:45 Joel answers Manda’s question…
    “How can I use the process to move a yukky feeling like anger?”…
    and Joel describes the NPA Process
  • 30:30 Joel shares his screen and shows you where on the NPA website you can find out more about NPA, the process and the upcoming events.
  • 36:25 Round up and wrap up
“Thank you Joel! What a great opportunity to be introduced further to who you are, as well as your NPA programs. This is a fantastic platform to experience your loving character and observing your passion for this work. As an observer, I feel priveleged to be a part of this discussion with you and enter into your world from the comfort of my own home. Thanks Laura, Judy and Manda for your brilliant questions!”
Josette Williams

About Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are a really cool way to live broadcast, record and experience video conferencing. We, at NPA Central, believe they are the future, as they embrace advanced technology, collaborative approaches and are lots of fun – so it really is a perfect match for NPA! 😉

In order to participate, you need to have a G+ account – that’s Google’s social media platform if you didn’t know. You can get your account and learn more here

And a fab bonus for lucky subscribers!

Subscribing for this hangout will give you option of putting your name ‘in the hat’ from which we will draw people to be invited to be on future panels live and be able to ask Joel anything.




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