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Welcome To The NPA Hangout Archive. This is Hangout No3 which took place on 2nd May 2013

Join the NPA Hangout Number 003 and discover what distinguishes NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) from most modern spiritual and personal growth approaches. Hangout and bathe yourself in a powerful new perspective that offers a deep connection to the fluid, energetic reality that is available today.

For the fullest experience simply kick back and watch the whole hangout – you’ll get the flow of conversation, the full energy of the transmission and all the nuances of what is shared.

However, If you just want to dip in, or are returning to watch again, here’s an outline what happend when, so you can find the topics you’re looking for right away…

NPA Hangout 003 – Notes & Running Order

This Hangout took place on 2nd May 2013, 2pm PT | 3pm MT | 5pm ET | 10pm UK

  • Begin: David Gross introduces Joel Young
  • 2:10 Joel shares his intentions for this hangout
  • 3:30 Joel answers Lesley’s question…
    “Non-Personal Awareness – NPA – What does that mean?”
    Joel gives an overview of NPA the process and the consciousness it embodies.
    He covers the ‘I AM’ principle and NPA’s focus on identities.
  • 5:50 Joel answers Lesley’s question…
    “Does that mean it’s about not taking things personally that come your way?”
    Joel offers some fundamental distinctions… including ‘matter’ and ‘suffering’
    and at 7:42 The conversation moves to the topic of compassion and disassociation
  • 9:10 Joel answers Lesley’s question…
    “So it’s a different way to use your energy then?”
    Joel brings in a vital non-personal context into his answer.
  • 10:08 Joel answers David’s question…
    “How can NPA help a person who just feels overwhelmed? And how long does it take?”
    Joel talks about our ‘instant’ world and walks through the steps of how this help would look, using the NPA Process, pointing out some key factors about keeping it simple AND covering the topic of energy fields and our everyday sensory ability
  • 16:30 Joel answers David’s question…
    “How frequently should we pratice NPA?”
    Joel covers his term ‘animation’ as he answers this question.
  • 18:30 Joel answers David’s question…
    “Is there any preparation people need to do before attending the weekend?”
    Joel recommends you prepare to be freed from some of the traps of modern spiritual dogma…
  • 21:00 Joel answers David’s question…
    “Is it OK to bring someone along?”
    Joel talks about how he covers relational issues, and conflict resolution in ALL areas of life
  • 22:20 Joel answers Lesley’s questions…
    “Is there going to be open sharing? How many people are going to be there?”
    Joel talks about how being who you are is all you need for NPA and The NPA Expansve Weekend.
    and at 23:59 Joel talks about how NPA allows you to live a transparent experience without taking things personally, and YET being fully open to deep connection.
    and at 26:00 the conversation moves to the relationship space in an unself-conscious world
    and at 27:00 Joel emphasises that it’s important that you are you, and points to the Wholeness that is available in that
  • 28:40 Joel answers David’s question…
    “Can you tell us about the support that is offered AFTER the weekend?”
    Joel talks about where The NPA Community came from and what it offers specifically after the weekend.
  • 33:45 Joel answers David’s question…
    “So you mentioned NPA Teachers… can you tell us about that and how you can take it further?”
    Joel tells all, and covers how each step in NPA has come as a logical step, born from the Community.
    Joel also talks about how powerful an experience TEACHING NPA can be.
  • 39:10 Joel answers Lesley’s questions…
    “Does it work for everyone? Does it work quickly for everyone? Are there any downsides?”
    Joel talks about success criterion and NPA and how people have the amazing capacity to ‘mute their miracles’
    He also covers how we are not SO personally INVOLVED with the transformational process…
  • 44:00 Joel shares his screen and shows you the NPA Website
  • 46:45 Joel answers Lesley’s questions…
    “Do you do pod-casts at all Joel?”
  • 48:30 Wrap up and goodbyes!
“Thank you Joel! What a great opportunity to be introduced further to who you are, as well as your NPA programs. This is a fantastic platform to experience your loving character and observing your passion for this work. As an observer, I feel priveleged to be a part of this discussion with you and enter into your world from the comfort of my own home. Thanks Laura, Judy and Manda for your brilliant questions!”
Josette Williams

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